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Sogliano Ambiente was founded in 1996 to manage the “Ginestreto” landfill for urban and special waste in Sogliano al Rubicone (FC). The landfill in the Romagna hills, owned by the Municipality of Sogliano al Rubicone and managed by the specially established company Sogliano Ambiente spa, is among the first in our country whose administration has tackled the problem of waste with a completely new approach of responsibility and interest in the environmental management of the site: to create energy and employment resources, operating in complete harmony with the environment and in full respect of human health.

Thanks to the development of skills and high professionalism and the definition of an effective model for managing the entire waste cycle in a transparent manner, the company has expanded its sphere of action with the design, construction and management of waste treatment and recovery plants. , as well as engaging in their management. In fact, over the years, the first site of Ginestreto (G1) has been progressively added to others in the territory of Sogliano al Rubicone (G2, G4) and still others in the provincial and extra-provincial territory, managed by external contractors. Furthermore, since 2005 Sogliano Ambiente has built and manages proprietary plants for the treatment and recovery of dry and wet fractions of urban and special waste, producing material and energy.

To these, which represent the heart of its activities, Sogliano Ambiente integrates complementary services and diversified solutions for the production of energy from waste and systems that optimize the natural resources present on site (eg solar energy, hydroelectricity).

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