Energy production from waste

Sogliano Ambiente transforms waste into resources capable of feeding production processes, intervening at any time in the management cycle of the same and with a view to maximizing value.

An example is the management of biogas, composed mainly of methane, produced by the degradation of the biodegradable fraction of the waste deposited in landfills and treated at the anaerobic and aerobic stabilization plant. In landfills, the biogas is extracted from the waste storage and recovered with the double advantage of accelerating the inertisation of the waste and creating a quality energy resource (with low environmental impact) to be used on site, to feed further plants or to be introduced Network. In the organic waste stabilization plant, on the other hand, the biogas is extracted from the anaerobic digesters and sent for recovery. Therefore, Sogliano Ambiente specializes in:

  • Design, construction and operation of biogas recovery and cogeneration plants;
  • Design and construction of exhaust fumes heat recovery systems for thermal and energy uses.

In its research on advanced landfill management, the company has also patented an innovative wellhead closure system that optimizes biogas uptake. The waste energy production plants currently managed are the following:

  • 7 million m³ of waste
  • 27,500 MWh of average annual production

The management activity includes:

  • Design, construction and operation of a biogas collection system from landfills with a plant potential of 5500 Nm3 / h and the development of some tens of km of pipes and an important number of dedicated suction wells.
  • Design, construction and operation of a cogeneration plant with currently installed power of 2,200 kWh.
  • Heat recovery system of the exhaust fumes from the biogas combustion engines that feed the leachate treatment plant

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