Final disposal of waste

The waste that cannot be further differentiated and the waste from non-recoverable and non-hazardous treatments are sent for final disposal in landfills where the waste is discharged from the vehicles, spread and compacted by special operating machines. The landfill plants are built in compliance with the technical provisions and requirements imposed by specific legislation and are managed, both in the operational and post-operational phases, with the equipment and criteria required to guarantee maximum protection of the environmental matrices and the surrounding area.

The biogas produced in the landfill from the degradation of the waste is appropriately captured, recovered and used for energy purposes, while the leachate is collected and sent for treatment in the purification plant connected to the landfills and inside the Ginestreto center with the production of by-products to be used as agricultural amendments.

For full integration with the surrounding landscape, Sogliano Ambiente deals with the environmental restoration of the area occupied by the disposal, carrying out a final covering of the landfill body technically arranged by current legislation and environmental mitigation works and green arrangement concerning shrub and tree plantations , grassing and naturalistic engineering interventions.

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