Plant design, construction and management

Sogliano Ambiente is an expert in environmental engineering and can offer a valid and effective service to its customers in the design, construction and management of landfills, waste disposal plants, waste treatment plants for the recovery of energy and materials. The sectors in which it specializes are:

  • plants for the treatment and disposal of urban and special NP and P waste;
  • plants for the selection and recovery of material from waste;
  • landfills for non-hazardous, hazardous and inert waste and related
  • services, including biogas capture and combustion plants;
  • plants for biogas recovery and cogeneration plants;
  • facilities for the temporary storage of waste;
  • plants for the recovery and energy enhancement of the wet fraction of waste;
  • plants for the production of clean energy (photovoltaic, hydroelectric ...);
  • plants for the treatment and recovery of WEEE with the production of raw materials;

For each proposed situation, it is able to identify the best solution to minimize the environmental impacts associated with the recovery and elimination of waste, with services that include:

  • technical support for the planning processes of waste treatment and disposal plants;
  • environmental impact study of the designed work;
  • preliminary, definitive and executive design of the work;
  • management of authorization processes up to the issue of the required authorizations;
  • facilities for the temporary storage of waste;
  • management of relations with the bodies responsible for controls and authorizations;
  • construction management and testing;
    works management and monitoring plans;
  • design of environmental monitoring systems;
  • assistance and advice for plant management;
  • optimization of existing plants;
  • planning of the environmental insertion of the work and the environmental restoration of the site.

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